Asset Audit

Mitsubishi Motors has a chance to boost its lead generation and acquisition, and the website is a crucial channel to accomplish this goal. The brand has undergone a revamp and wants to ensure that the overall experience meets the standards. To achieve this, we are evaluating the current performance and identifying areas for improvement across various aspects of the user experience through comprehensive website audit. 


We assessed comprehensive website audit including SEO, UI UX CX, performance, and security to give a complete analysis of the website and full picture of the current effectiveness, show where may be able to further optimise and improve – and identify issues that could be causing damage.


  1. SEO audit : technical core, essentials, enhancement recommendations
  2. UI UX CX audit : Comprehensive usability qualitative & quantitative, user journey, heuristics, accessibility, report and recommendations
  3. Performance audit : page speed and core web vital analysis, code structure.
  4. Security audit : OWASP, grey box method. Finding holes and vulnerabilities.