While many companies may track their campaigns, they forget to track their leads and existing customer behaviour. Companies that track behaviour and build knowledge about their customers not only increase their short term revenue, they also build more solid relationships. CRM systems come in all shapes and sizes so it's important to understand company needs and opportunities before picking a vendor.

marketing automation

Companies that handle large lead pools and have a high customer lifetime value can benefit greatly from investing in marketing automation. Marketing automation is a software that helps automating your marketing and sales engagement to generate more leads and close more deals with less human effort.


The technology behind chatbots is not new, but with the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, chatbots have the potential to become a marketer's best friend. Depending on your business need, Ydigital can help you implement chatbots to sell products and services, make payments easier, gain customer insights and personalize your marketing.

web development

We find that our clients have assets that are not future ready. We make sure assets run on the right technology frameworks, are mobile optimized and integrated to core systems to make sure your visitors turn into customers.

tracking implementation

Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed. We want you to be safe and will ensure that the right tracking is in place before launching your campaigns.


Business performance is driven by insights. At Ydigital we offer all clients customized dashboards so progress can be tracked in real time.

social media customer service

Customers today want real time, honest answers and social media is the perfect platform for that. The benefits from Social Media Customer Service is that you offer a good brand experience by talking to users in their preferred channel. Ydigital Asia can help you pick the right platform to ensure stronger customer relationships.

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