Business Strategy

In a digital-first business era we help companies become more customer centric. Some companies need complete digital business transformations while others only need digital add-on components to their existing strategy. No matter what your needs is, we are here to help you safe through your digital journey.

Digital asset audit

The first step after creating a strategy is to ensure that all digital assets are optimized and ready to convert as many visitors as possible. Small changes can make a big impact. Through a mix of data chrunching and user analysis Ydigital makes sure your assets are up to date.

Customer experience

Today's consumer expects a seamless experience across channels during their relationship. This requires the modern marketer to align brand, assets, product and messaging. This is no easy task but our frameworks can bring you there.

Customer journey

It started as a buzzword but the customer journey is becoming a key pillar of any good digital strategy. Buyers today interact with brands across channels and devices. More often than not conversions happen as a result of multiple touch points and micro moments. Understanding the customer journey will help you design hard hitting digital campaigns.

Digital go to market strategy

With a jungle of tools and channels it can be a daunting task to select the right go to market strategy and one that produces ROI. With thorough research and planning we help you navigate the jungle to make the most of your budget.

Localization strategy

Southeast Asia is not a one size fits all. Living standards, culture, languages and habits are vastly different. Having strong local teams and years of experience with digital campaigns across Southeast Asia, Ydigital will make sure the right brand image, tone of voice and visual expression is in place.

Product / market fit audit

We have been exposed to numerous business models and products and have a ton of local market understanding. This helps us validate your product/market fit and this can make the difference between making or breaking it.

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