The digital world is characterized by speed, change, and speed of change. In such a dynamic environment, companies often focus on their day-to-day actions to provide immediate responses. This lack of perspective might unfortunately often translate into missed opportunities or wasted resources.

Taking time to define clear objectives, get the full picture of your market environment, and deploy a strategic plan based on strong insights always pays off. At Ydigital, we believe performance should be supported by sound insights and robust strategy.

Because the challenges of our clients are diverse, we propose 4 distinct consulting packages that aim at defining the most relevant strategy for their specific needs.



  • Our consulting package for e-businesses looking to increase their online revenues



  • Our consulting package for companies in need to define their online branding and value proposition for customers so as to increase brand awareness and brand engagement



  • Our consulting package for companies willing to promote a product or service through digital channels



  • Our consulting package for companies with a need to strengthen their existing customer base involvement and retention

For each package, we start with a tailor-made audit to gain insights into our clients current situation and untapped opportunities. This enables us to deliver a strategic plan with clear directions and KPI’s, that we translate into an actionable road map to implementation.

Other Services


We help client to build an deploy digital marketing campaigns that are aligned with their business objectives and marketing goals. These involve digital concept development, search and content marketing including social media, and online advertising.


Monitoring and optimize online campaign on daily basis is crucial in order to gain the most efficient marketing effort. We track and analyze progress using analytical tools supported with the insight from our data analyst to provide the best optimization plan.