At Ydigital, we believe there is always room for improvement. In the digital world, this process could be measured and analyze using analytical data in real time. Optimization provides an elegant blend of theory and applications. Therefore, an iterative optimization is substantial to deliver an efficient marketing effort. Our optimization method covers all aspect, from online assets, campaign and conversions optimization.

In order to gain the most efficient digital marketing, research and analysis is an important process to create specific optimization for your business. We evaluate every campaign performance and our analyst team takes into account a variety of client-specific criteria and market landscape to propose optimization with both short-term and long-term goals in mind. Based on these data sources we implement a series of A/B or multivariate test using our propietary tools and analysis skills to get the best result.

We believe there is no one-key solution for optimization. Each client will have customized optimization strategy based on their business and consumers. Through this highly customized optimization process, Ydigital will work closely with clients to engage the customers across all touchpoints and improve the overall digital marketing performance.



We help clients add value to their business with a well-defined online presence and well-planned digital activities. We audit online situation in view of the marketing goals, generate insights and design a strategic action plan to reach these goals.


We help client to build an deploy digital marketing campaigns that are aligned with their business objectives and marketing goals. These involve digital concept development, search and content marketing including social media, and online advertising.