YouTube Red: Enjoy Videos on YouTube Without Ads

Say goodbye to 5 seconds ads interrupts you watching your favourite videos.

Recently, Google introduced YouTube Red. A subscription program launched by YouTube, designed to give you as a viewer the exact service that you want — enjoy videos across all of YouTube without ads.

Run at $9.99/month, it is worth it. You will be able to watch ads-free videos, save videos to watch offline and it also extends across devices anywhere you sign into YouTube.

Revenue gained from users’ subscription will be shared with the right holders of content. They can be independent creators, record labels, TV networks, and movie studios.

Doing so, you’ll be able to support the people creating your favorite videos while watching what you want, when you want, on any device you want, uninterrupted.

Starting early next year, YouTube announce that YouTube Red will get even better with member-only access to new, original shows and movies from some of YouTube’s biggest creators. That’s the truly service that they’ll give to all members.

By today, October 28, only viewers in the US can try YouTube Red for free with a one month trial, and they are working to bring YouTube Red to more countries soon. Indonesia, are you ready?

As a business owner, you don’t have to be skeptic and avoid YouTube to be part of your digital campaign channel. You start with build your channel, optimize the original content as publisher so people can subscribe your channel on Youtube Red later on.

Is it too complicated? Just keep the information in your mind, and let us do our part.