Yahoo Now Provides Search Results and Ads From Google

How the agreement between two giant companies can bring benefits for your business.

In 2010, Yahoo entered a 10-year deal with Microsoft to help power its search engine in exchange for giving the Windows maker a single-digit cut of search ad revenue. Yahoo needed Microsoft’s technology, while Microsoft needed Yahoo’s reach that, when combined with Bing, would make help its own products compete better with Google’s.

Now, in 2015, Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer, has announced that the company has signed a deal with Google to provides search results and ads for Yahoo under the terms of a new arrangement effective on October 1st and will lapse at the end of 2018.

Google will provide Yahoo with search ads through Google’s ‘AdSense for Search’ (AFS) service, includes Google’s search ads, algorithmic search, and image search services for both desktop and mobile devices. But, it’s a non-exclusive agreement, means that Yahoo can still use Microsoft-owned Bing or its very own in-house technology in providing search ads.

Through the partnerships with competitors, Google and Microsoft, Yahoo can deliver better results for its technological limitations in delivering queries and serving ads.

As a business owner, you can benefit from this deal, because your AdWords could reach a significantly larger audience, meaning more potential customers for you.

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