Is Digital Marketing Only For Digital Experts?

You hear and read “digital marketing” in almost every conversation and press release. Your competitors are gaining customer preferences through targeted online campaigns. You are pressured to be more active “online”. But you are clueless where to start. Well, we have two good news!

1. There are digital experts out there who can help you deploy your online marketing strategies 

Be careful and selective. Hire only for the expertise you need to reach your goals. For example, if you are you looking to increase customer engagement, it will be more relevant to get a social media expert rather than a Google AdWords specialist. Many people claim to be experts but make sure to test for technical skills whether it’s for content writing or a PPC specialist. An alternative is to hire a digital agency, but also here you must be careful and make sure that your agency can deliver quality and that there is a cultural fit.

2. You and your team can also learn and become digital experts

Digital marketing is ever-evolving and even today’s “experts” are in need of continuous learning to stay ahead. You can catch the digital education train if you want to gain greater knowledge and control over your digital marketing activities. There are many online courses available for free. Another option is to enroll in our Yacademy if you need a tailored education solution for your team.

With new technologies emerging more and more often, digital marketing landscape is a whole new territory for you to explore. In order to keep ahead of the competition, it is important you have an in-depth understanding of it. How to start? Here are some few pointers:

Marketing starts with the strategy, not the execution

Whatever your digital knowledge level as a marketer, you will at the very first need to focus your attention on defining your overall marketing strategy; target, positioning, and business goals. As you think of how to deploy your marketing and sales strategy, you should not be looking exclusively through the digital lens – that will just limit your perspective. You should rather be looking at the broad scope of channels available – and how they can support each other in an integrated whole. You can find some inspiring examples of integrated marketing strategies.

Crafting your multi-channel plan is a collaborative approach

A digital strategist can help to define which channel best suited for your goals and build a specific strategy for it. It’s important that your strategist is updated on your business goals so the right metrics to measure are chosen.

Remember that content comes first

When it comes to effective digital marketing, you still need to create good brand stories to capture attention. Your writers don’t need to be digital experts but they need to understand how to write for online vs offline, which persona they write for and for which channel. With quality content published and daily performance optimization, you will see results, whether your goal is sales, leads, newsletter signups or app downloads.

Back to the initial question: is digital marketing only for digital experts? The answer is no. Even though you need digital experts for implementation, it’s still important for multiple stakeholders in the organization to understand the foundation and mechanisms so teams can work efficiently together across the organization. We see much better results with our clients when the right-hand knows what the left hand is doing and why. It is highly advised that everyone has at least basic digital marketing understanding.