How To Set Up Facebook Advertising Easily

A step by step approach to set up your Facebook Ads.

Facebook has been one of the main online advertising channels for a while. Its success is principally built on the exceptional targeting and ad management features that it offers to advertisers. Recently, the ad interface was adapted to make it much more intuitive and goal-oriented. Planning your campaigns on Facebook from now on will be a piece of cake! Let’s take a tour at what an Ad set up looks like today.

1. Select your campaign objective

Facebook Ads Campaign Page

Within the new goal-oriented ad interface, Facebook does not even allow you to set up your ad campaign, if you don’t specify your objective! You can choose one option from a diversity of objectives, such as boosting your post, promoting your page, send people to your website, increase conversions, etc. Setting up your objective will be essential for tracking your campaign ROI.

In order to track actual conversions from your Facebook ads, you can use Facebook conversion pixels to be implemented on your confirmation page (after the form/payment step). Besides tracking conversions, this pixel will allow you to do remarketing in the future.

2. Define your audience

Ydigital Facebook Audience

One of the main interest of Facebook as an Ad channel is its very detailed targeting feature (let’s admit it, Facebook knows a lot about its users). The platform allows you to filter your ad promotion through a diverse set of targeting criteria: location, age, gender, languages and interests.

When it comes to including your audience interests as part of the detailed targeting mix, put yourself in the shoes of your prospects. What interests your target beyond the products or services that you offer? For instance if you are selling luxury perfume for women, chances are high that your target audience also likes jewelries, fashion brands, etc.

3. Define your budget and schedule

The next step is to define your ad budget and schedule. Whatever the amount you decide to invest in your ad campaign, Facebook will provide you with a reach estimate for the specified budget. It is generally advised to start with a smaller budget and test out the outcomes before investing massively on your ad campaign.
As on any other Ad platform, don’t forget to set up your campaign planning so it will start and end exactly when you want it. You can also think to schedule the publication hours and thereby optimize your ad visibility towards your target audience.

4. A/B Testing for your Media and Text

Ydigital Facebook Media

One visual won’t have the same impact as another one – but how can you know which one works best? The A/B testing method implies that you use at least 2 visuals, track their results and invest more ad budget in the most efficient one. Don’t forget to regularly renew your visuals as they –also- do have a shelf life.

The same rule applies for the copy that goes with your visual. One text can resonate much better to your target audience than the other one – so it is worth testing.

5. Choose your Ad placement

You will be suggested 3 spaces to display your ads: in the newsfeed (desktop or mobile) or on the right column. As for media and text, create separate ad groups for the different ad spaces and track initial performance to assess which one works best.
You are now ready to place your Ad order with Facebook – Good Luck!