How To Choose On Which Social Network To be Active?

The social networks landscape is becoming richer and more diverse. This means more opportunities for businesses to engage with their audiences but also more complexity in deciding where to invest resources! Should you be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat?

Why not simply be present on all the channels?

While multi-channel strategies are certainly a good way to maximize your prospects reach, one shouldn’t lose sight on the cost and time investment that each channel requires. Indeed, each social platform is specific in the type of content that is being shared and engagement collected – so you can’t be efficient in replicating the exact same posts on all your channels.

Also, you can’t simply be present. Whichever channel you choose, you absolutely need to be active and remain engaged. This means consistently posting quality content and interacting with your audience. Believe me: it takes time! Therefore, it is important to make strategic choices when going social in order to maximize your ROI.

1. Find where your prospects hang out

You can post the best content in the world, if you don’t reach high audience, you won’t see any business returns. The preliminary – and most important – step in a social media strategy is to know where your targeted audiences are and what they are interested in.

We can give you 2 tips to audit your prospects preferred channels:

- Competitors social assessment

Identify 3 or 4 competitors (actually, it also could be non-competitors – as long as they share the same audience) and check on which social media channels they invest their resources and where their audience appears to be the most engaged.

- Customers survey

Set up a simple survey (for example through an emailing campaign or a pop-up on your website) asking your customers on which social network they spend time, what is their preferred platform and how they would like to engage with your brand.

2. Define your social networking goal

Is growing number of fans and getting a lot of engagement really your goal? It is certainly a KPI to measure the efficiency of your campaigns, but your CFO and CEO would probably want to know the deeper why. What is the real purpose of social networking for your business?

For example:

- Conversions: some social channels could be more successful in generating sales and leads for your business
- Brand awareness: some social channels could offer greater exposure towards your targeted audiences
- Brand image: some social channels could provide you with more appropriate tools to build your brand image and reputation
- Retention: some social channels could be better for interactions and dialogues with customers.

Defining your ultimate goal(s) of social networking will help you assess which channel (or combination of channels) is the most relevant for your business… and justify investments!

3. Assess the costs… social media networking is not free!

While Facebook offers multiple advantages in terms of reach (more than 1.5 billion users!), consumer insights (location, age, gender, interests, etc), and highly targeted ads, it is becoming more and more expensive to be competitive on this platform. If the paid options of most advances social platforms are too expensive for you, you could consider investing wisely on emerging platforms that have not fully monetized yet – like Snapchat or Periscope.

4. Ensure you’ll be able to post quality content on the chosen platform

Content creation is where you will spend the more time once you engage in a social media strategy. Make sure you are good at creating the appropriate content for the chosen platform (or you can find good people for it). Don’t ever post videos that suck on YouTube nor publish blurry pictures on Instagram! If you have outstanding talents for creating one specific type of content, try to leverage on this and focus your efforts there.

There is a lot to take into consideration when it comes to entering the social media landscape with your brand: your business goals, your audience, your budget, and your creative resources. Ultimately if you want to keep shining through your social networks – ensure you have fun playing with them!