3 Digital Trends Marketers Need To Tackle by 2020

New technologies along with the data boom allow marketers to know their audience better and become more accurate in their targeting activities. Customer-focus and personalization trends are expected to keep marketers very busy by the 2020 horizon and beyond. 

No doubts, the motto “Customer at the center of everything we do” will impose itself as a strategic driver for the coming years. Let’s try to dig deeper into this customer-centricity shift. What are the collateral trends marketers need to tackle to gain a competitive edge?

We noted 3 major ones:

Trend 1: Improving customer experiences through technology and design
Trend 2: Real-time testing
Trend 3: Marketing as a service to customers

So, here’s the 3 digital trends marketers you need to by 2020.

1. Improving customer experiences through technology and design

Technologies are part of the customer experience paradigm and must be leveraged by brands in a creative way to delight their users. The champion to tap into this trend is probably the travel industry – with numerous mobile apps that make the booking, status check, etc. much smoother. A smart use of mobile technology combined with user-friendly designs and interface allows them to get much closer to their customers. And this is only an example!

2. Real-time testing

Thinking and conceiving a brand strategy remains a must-do for marketers. This won’t change. However, in the execution of campaigns, new technologies allow for much more real-time testing than before (at least when it comes to digital channels). For example, you can monitor PPC bids on Adwords and adapt quickly when necessary. This means that marketers can launch their digital campaigns step by step, testing what works best, and then go full gear on what has proven to be optimal.

3. Marketing as a service to customers

Finally, the content marketing strategic shift (providing useful and relevant content to users) along with the rise of personalization technologies are progressively transforming the marketing function from a commercial one to a service one. The ultimate data challenge for marketers: know, delight, and serve customers better.

These 3 trends reflect the customer-centricity strategic focus. Marketers who will succeed at riding them will reach 2020 with an undoubted competitive advantage.